About us

We at Zenith, strive to heal and make lives better in whatever small way we can. We provide personality mapping through insights from Pythagorean numerology. We also aid families struggling with learning challenges, to understand and help themselves and their kids better. Zenith value Education has been helping kids since its inception in the year 2008.

Zenith is an endeavor by trained educationist, Zenobia Edulkaka, who wanted to go beyond being a homemaker. A trained teacher in the world renowned Steiner methodology, she has trained in programs like Audiblox and brain Gym to help build foundation skills for better academic learning. In more recent times she has expanded her horizons, with Pythagorean Numerology. She hopes to help people understand themselves and their true purpose better.

Zenobia continues her effort to help heal; has participated in at least 3 healing fests this past year. she has also been felicitated for her devotion to numbers.Next month she will be part of an unconventional retreat in Khandala. She has now expanded her horizons by learning angel cards and Lenormand cards (it's akin to the tarot deck, a method of divination with its roots in France.


A personality reading via Pythagorean numerology.

Harmonious cores through a minor spelling change.

Names for new born babies.

Compatibility reports

Guidance via numbers to students on their strengths and weaknesses.

Workshops to teach numerology to small groups.

Audiblox classes for kids with learning challenges.

Brain Gym movements to help adults and kids .


Zenith answers simple numero queries frequently asked questions

  • How and where is numerology useful in our everyday lives?
  • Numbers are a great tool to provide insights at all times in our lives. They let us perceive our strengths and weaknesses. They spell out both, our path and our purpose.

  • Can numerology predict our future ?
  • People can be made aware of the energies they carry with them, at any given point of time then, they will carve out their future with the strength of their free will.

  • How does one trust a particular stream in comparison to another, Pythagorean or Chaldean ?
  • At Zenith we prescribe charts with the principles as laid down by Pythagoras; our belief being ,that different paths, can lead, to a heart held destination.This path is one way of traversing that journey.

  • Why are name changes prescribed?
  • To bring our core numbers in harmony. This would allow us to remain rooted at the time of a storm, in our lives. We"ll take on challenges and deal with them, better.

  • Isnt it a headache to change a name formally?
  • Not everyone is advised a name change, it at all it is prescribed ,we practise it quietly, as a meditation till convinced of it's efficacy. Even then a formal change is not requisite; until the subject is desirous to travel that route. Social networking sites offer a platform; for usage of the new name.

  • Can certain aspirations be fulfilled through name changes?
  • A name change, I feel is but a catalyst, to bring change into our lives. When you make the effort, the universal energies will support it.



"Coz every soul deserves a fair chance"